ये कैसा रिश्ता??? Part-1

this is a real story of someone and such a heart touching story it is  and i am a big fan of writer of this story . this story is written in Hindi so my English writers who wants to read this story they may comment and ask for its English version..

Satyam Ajay

​कुछ साल पहले की बात है, एक लड़का था राहुल(काल्पनिक नाम) लगभग 19 साल का, जिंदगी में सफलता नाम की पज़ल में उलझा हुआ।

कभी ऐसे कर के देखता, कभी वैसे कर के देखता, न कोई बताने को न कोई समझाने को, कोई मिलता भी तो सिर्फ राह भटकाने को,

लोगो का क्या है, कुछ तो लोग कहेंगे इसी तर्ज पर लोग उसे कई तरह की बातें कहा करते, कोई सामने बोलता कोई उसके पीछे बोलता।

भावनात्मक होने के कारण हर बात उसके दिल में लगती थी। वो हमेसा सोचता था कि अभी नही पर कभी तो सही, हम होंगे कामयाब एक दिन।

इसके साथ ही राहुल के जीवन में अब तक कुछ ऐसा कभी नही हुआ था। जिससे की जीवन में एक मोड़ आ जाये।

एक दिन कोई इसे ये बोल गया कि ये जो लोग तम्हारे बारे में इस तरह से बोलते हैं मुझे बहुत बुरा लगता है…

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A social issue which brings tears in my eyes 😢😢😢

Every one knows about prostitute. When we listen this word what kind of thoughts come in our mind I know cheap, characterless etc. We easily judge them and never wants to know there story there problems etc . Readers i wanna ask only one question is anybody wants to become prostitute in their future. No , one wants to become prostitute with their own choice everyone have their own problems due to those problems they chose this path. So readers not every prostitute do this job by their own choice because In some Prostitution girls are sold and those girls were kidnapped by kindnapers and sold to prostitution. Readers this is very big racket which is spread in whole over the world .     Readers i wants to share a story which brings tears in my eyes . This is a story of girl who faces lots of pian and problems which we can’t imagine in our dreams also . I wants to salute that girl .   

 Yesterday I read news paper there was a story of a girl who was kidnapped and then sold in prostitution  in 20,000 rupees then after some time she run away from prostitution and then go to police station. Police safely sent her to her parents. When her parents see her they were very happy but when they know reality that she was sold in prostitution and she forcefully done work of prostitute  then they don’t accept her . After not accepting by her family She not giveup and not lose her hope . She never look  back and now she runs NGO which help those girls who were trapped in this racket and who wants to came out from this place and wants to live normal life like we live . When i read her story then my eyes was full or tears and my point of view changed about those girls who are trapped in prostitution racket. So readers our society don’t accept this girl and never allow her to live thier normal life. I hope after reading this post their will be littlebite change will come in our mind about those girls. 

“So Readers I hope you like this post and i am very grateful if you share you point of views and comment on this post “


I study in +2 medical . While studying I observed that so many people says to us study for at least 12 to 13 hours a day . But I think you should not do study according to those students who study for 12 or 13 hours a day . You should study according to you when you wants to do study when your mind allow you to gain knowledge. When your mind says no then leave. Then take a time and again strat . Readers you know you study for 12 to 13 hours and you got less marks in your exams and then you got hurt and said i do lots of efforts and i study for 12 to 13 hours a day then why I got less marks . You know guys study for 12 to 13 hours is your bad marks reason when you study with interest you remembered that thing in your exam but which you learn when your mind is gone overloaded guys everyone knows how many hours they can do study. Guys you know if you are interested in study then you can learn everything which you read in 2 to 3 hours maximum but when you are not interested so read hole day nothing is memorised . So do study when you wants to study when you can give your full efforts. 

Mobile phone addiction 📱📱📱📱📱📱

Mobile addiction is one of the biggest problem of our life . We all are mobile addicts we can’t live a single minute without seeing our mobile. I know this problem is face by every mobile users. This effect our many body parts like brain, eye , heart etc everyone knows  about mobile phone disadvantages but after knowing this disadvantages we use mobile phone unlimited. I am also a mobile phone addict. So I search on google how to get rid away from mobile phone addiction.But  I don’t get any good idea from google . One day i was going out and I forget my phone charger at home and my phone was not charged . After one hour my smart phone get off . I have one phone which can take calls or do call or nothing else . I spend my hole day without my smartphone then i realise that smartphones is not a part of my life . I can live without smartphones it is not as much important than water . So after that day while i am studying or doing important work then I switch off my mobile phone and After some time I didn’t remember my mobile phone so, reader like me try to get rid away from your mobile phone addiction it is not good for health and not good for family try to spend some time with your family instead of your mobile phone.

Thank you 

Written by : Diksha Sinhmar 

A person who do various jobs without taking any salary 💰 

A person who do various jobs without taking any salary . How its possible ? Who is that foolish person? Who  can do various jobs without taking any salary? I know guys after reading this title this types of questions are coming in your mind.  

I wanna tell you about that person who do various jobs without taking any salary. You all have that person ,you all know that person. That person is your mother. Who works  whole day for you and never take any salary for her work. When you were hungry she cooks food for you . She wash your clothes. She manage your everything. She do work for  whole day without taking any rest . When you got ill then she do duty of 24 hours again without taking any rest . When you came from outside she is only one who ask you or give you water or food. After doing various jobs for you without taking any salary. Sometimes you hurt her by saying that mom what you do whole day you live at home you are not working . Readers tell me only those ladies are working who takes salary and only those ladies are known as working lady  tell me readers who work more ;A person who work for 7 to 8 hours or that lady who have no  fixed working hours. who wakes early in the morning and do work for whole day and she sleep after you  . After doing this tough job she never say you anything. So guys always respect your mother and i think she deserves Perfect Woman of the year award. I wanna salute every mother in this world 🌎. 

Some lines on wordpress and wordpress family

A person who wirte is known as writer,

A person who teach is known as teacher,

A person who study is know as student,

A person who read is known as reader,

A place where your can show your writing talent to all over the world is known as wordpress,

And a person who is wirter on wordpress is known as wordpresser, 

I call sir and mam to  that person who are good writer then me. Many people ask me this question why you call us sir or mam i am not sir i am not mam i am just 18 i am just 19 . I wants to tell everyone that i call sir or mam to those person who deserve this who are good writer then me . Who are more experienced then me . Who inspired me to write more i call sir or mam to those only.

By :Diksha Sinhmar 

Kuch pangtiya wordpress or wordpress family ke liye 

Likhne wale ko lekhak khete ha,

Padhane wale ko adhyapak khete ha,

Padhne wale ko shikshak khete ha,

Apne shabdho ko sab ke dil tak phuchane wali jagha ko wordpress khete ha,

WordPress pr acha likhne walo ko hum sir or mam khete ha, 

Me har kisi ko sir or mam kha kr baat kerte hu bhut se log khete ha ki i am not sir , i am not mam so mera reply humesa ek hi hota ha jo log mujh se acha likhte ha or jin se mujh or likne ki inspiration milti ha me usko sir or mam kha kr respect se baat kerti hu.

By: Diksha Sinhmar 

I wants to salute those women whose achievements make India proud 🇮🇳 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

Irom Chanu Sharmila

Also called the Iron Lady of Manipur, she holds the record for the longest hunger strike. The activist has been sitting on a strike for over a decade, demanding the repeal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). All of 28 years when she decided to fast, Sharmila was arrested three days after she began her strike for attempted suicide, and again in 2006 for protesting in Delhi. Even though her condition has been deteriorating, nothing has deterred the 42-year-old.

Amrita Devi

Way back in 1730, when Indian women had little say even in matters at home, this brave woman fought against the felling of tress by the Maharaja of Jodhpur in Marwar, Rajasthan, by sacrificing her life, along with those of her three daughters

Phoolan Devi

Phoolan Devi was a bandit who later went on to become a politician. She was popularly known as the Bandit Queen and became the moll of a gang leader of a group of bandits at a young age. Her paramour was killed in a fight for gang leadership among bandits, who also raped her. A ferocious Devi took banditry in her own hands and became the leader of the group.

Not only this, her gang later went on to shoot those who raped her and the Indian media called it an act of rebellion by an oppressed woman. Although, she was tried for it and many other crimes, she was India’s only woman bandit and a badass one at that. She was murdered when she became the MP by rival bandits.  


Sita Sahu

Sprinter Sita Sahu won 2 bronze medals at the 2011 Special Olympics in Athens at the young age of 15. Unfortunately, due to the ignorance and lack of concern from authorities, the girl now sells gol gappe in Dhobiya Tanke in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh. She truly deserves a standing ovation from us!
Sapper Shanti Tigga

35-year-old Tigga became the first Indian woman, who is a mother of two, to become a jawan in the Indian Army. Standing at par with her male counterparts, she joined the 969 Railway Engineer Regiment of Territorial Army in 2011. However, her life ended too soon as she was abducted and later found dead.

Barkha Dutt

Barkha Dutt is an Indian television journalist and columnist, as well as the group editor with NDTV, noted for her brave reportage in the dangerous conditions of the Kargil War. She has been honoured with several national and international awards, including India’s fourth highest civilian honour, the Padma Shree. She has become the model for the portrayal of modern female journalists in India.  

Every Indian mother

While there are several women who go on to perform well in their chosen fields outside their homes, there are many who sit at home and still own the world. The last, but definitely not the least, every Indian mother is an achiever we just cannot leave out.      

So never underestimate the power of a women if she is working or not she is a only person who play many roles without any arguments. She left her house after marriage and play a role of someone wife , someone daughter in law, someone sister in law, someone mother, someone aunt etc and after playing all roles then she will play a role of someone mother in law role . So i wants to request all  mother in laws , if you bring a girl in your house never Treat her as daughter in law always treat her as a daughter and i also wanna request those girls who are newly married . Always  treat your mother in law as your mother because in future you will also experience this phase of life .