Marital Rape 😐

Today i am going to share a story of those women who are suffering  from marital rape.

I wake up at 5 AM , because i have to cook breakfast for my husband because i love him .

Then i hang his cloths in dresssing and give him each and every thing what he want.

I put his belt on bed then put his newspaper on table which he daily read .

Whole day i do household works and at last prepare dinner for him. Today i am suffering from back pain  but i standup  and open door for him i welcome him and put dinner on the table.

After having a dinner he go inside then he hold my wrist and pull me towards him because he want to show his love but my back is paining i told him to stop but he don’t stop he say he will manage.

 Next day is sunday i am not able to stand  because its hurting too much but i have to stand because he want his breakfast on time i told him to help me but he refuse because he is a man and its my duty to follow his instruction because i am a housewife . 

Last night he don’t rape that was his love and i am his wife its my duty to full fill his need wheater i am inrested or not because my mother told me that he is a god . After marriage he have a right to do this with me . 

“Ladies please raise your voice against marital rape because thousands of women is suffering this problem . You both are same if you are not comfortable them no one have right to touch you without you permission” g

By: Diksha Sinhmar


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