Happiness ☺️☺️☺️😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😊😊

What is happiness is anybody knows? According to me happiness is that feeling which you can feel when you got satisfy form that work you do or satisfy from you life. So their is one question how to get satisfaction and get happiness? So friends stop comparing yourself with others. Always trust yourself and live your life according to yourself and do that things which you like and never care  about others . Don’t care about other likes or dislikes do that thing which you like and which comes in your comfort zone. So try to live life for yourself not for others be real you . For eg: If you got 70% in boards I know according to compition this is not as much as good marks but it is good for you because this is your whole year hardwork . 

*So friends don’t compare your marks with others and be satisfied and try to achieve good marks next time this is one option you can choose and move forward and find happiness.

* Second option is that you feel bad and compare your marks with others and not get satisfaction and not move forward and goes in depression . 

So readers tell me which option is best first one or second one . Because everyone knows we can’t change past but we can make future so which way is best try to changing your past ;which we can’t or try to making your future; which we can. So readers try to find happiness in small -small moments of your life and live each and every happier moment weather it is small or big .Then see your life got change and you live stress free and tension free life . For eg :if you got good marks in your class test then stand in the front of mirror and apply earphones on your ears and start loud music and start dancing trust me friends you really feel good 😊 and a sweet smile come on your face. So at last i agian wants to say that no one knows how much their life is left. So according to me;

“You live once, You die once, So live your every day with full of joy and happiness, because you can live that days only once” 

By : Diksha Sinhmar 


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